Let my portfolios for models, artists, actors, and musicians portray the real you. Quality photos will showcase the best "you" for your fans or prospective clients to admire.

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Each night at any venue has its own feel and soul depending on the music, the atmosphere created by the people in it, and those pouring the drinks or providing the jams. Allow our cameras to capture those moments for prospective patrons to admire or remember.


Life Events

Life's special moments need the right photographer to capture them. Many people work hard to make sure your special day goes smoothly. Let me be an asset to your event by having all aspects of your special day figured out beforehand so you can focus on your happy day while I take the photos to capture it.

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Private Events

Celebrating a birthday, having a premiere, or a corporate event? Preserve the memories from that night with your very own paparazzi. Showcase the photos on social media and the Brujo Photography page, depending on your preferences.

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Pet and Family portraits

Capture those important family moments with a photoshoot with your pets and family. Choose a location with meaning for the family, and let me capture those moments for you to keep and cherish

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Product and convention work

People work hard to get make their products. Allow our cameras to present your products to the public. We can also take photos of booths at conventions.

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Photography to capture moments, not create them

Posing models and people has always been the way to do photography. Brujo photography rather focuses on capturing moments in life.

Years of experience in journalism allow me to identify and capture action shots as they occur. This creates a unique photo revealing a moment in time that would otherwise would be lost.

I will work with you to make your photos better, and at the end of the day, the photos will capture the real you in the photos showcasing personality, style, and uniqueness.


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