Do you have a studio?

Currently there is no brick and mortar studio location. Most of the shoots are done on location as the  studio was seldom used. I use a technique that combines natural, available and external lights to create the desired lighting effect.

Are deposits required?

In order to ensure dates availability, all jobs require a 50-percent deposit. Full price of session needs to be paid before the event. Deposits are non-refundable unless photographer can’t make it or extreme weather. Exemptions can be made for corporate clients who need to be billed after an event.

How long does it take to receive pictures ?

All photography jobs entail several hours of editing per every hour shot. This extra work is included in hourly rates. In order to allow all photos to be edited correctly, all portfolio and life event photography requires at least a workweek before proofs can be sent. Once prints are chosen, they will be printed and delivered within one work week. All nightlife and convention work will have proofs available within 48 hours.